Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Pioneer Woman- and her awesomeness.

So, out of all blog land, I have a favorite.

The Pioneer Woman- Ree Drummond. That woman is fantastically amazing. Not only do her recipes inspire me to get my butt moving towards the kitchen, she doesn't stop there. Take a minute and read about the rest of her life! She's got it going on! I'm not going to divulge how, if she weren't so many miles away, I'd worship the ground she walked on, or that I'd happily do her dishes after a cooking stint, just to eat her meals. I just won't reveal myself like that. So, after oogling some of her most famous recipes I made 2, in one day.

Sadly, I forgot to photo of the Cinnamon Rolls before they walked their way out the door to Kevin and Chrissy's tummy, my husbands job, or my neighbors front door! I managed to wrangle a pan for the house- and my husband happily declared they still taste awesome on day two.

Then, there's the chocolate sheet cake. Which after describing what it was to my sister in law (Chrissy) she declared it Texas Sheet Cake and that we HAD to make it. So of course, I did. It'd been on my list for almost 2 years. Let me tell you, I'm sad and happy I waited that long to make it. First off, it's astounding. And if I'd have known it was that good so long ago, I'd be 20 lbs heavier. I can't sing high enough praises of the awesome simplicity that turns out so delectable. I ate way more than I should and promptly sent a large portion home with Chrissy- while keeping a more respectable size here for me. Confession, I ate some for breakfast, and predict the rest will be gone before dinner. I have to make it hold until dinner- having it gone before lunch would show NO willpower.

Now that I sound like a cyber stalker- I'm going to post you the recipe and highly encourage you to read Ree everyday like your life depends on it.

Chocolate Sheet Cake -The Pioneer Woman- Ree Drummond

2c flour
2c sugar
1/4t salt
4 HEAPING T cocoa powder(I used double dutch- awesome!)
2 sticks of butter
1c boiling water
1/2c buttermilk
2 eggs, beaten
1t baking soda

1/2c chopped pecans
1 3/4 sticks butter
4 HEAPING T cocoa powder (double dutch again)
6T milk
1t vanilla
1lb (minus 1/2c- it works) powdered sugar

Oven to 350. I spray the 1/2 sheet pan with pam- just cause.
In saucepan, melt butter, add cocoa stir to combine. In a separate bowl, combine flour, sugar, salt and stir to combine. When butter and cocoa are melted together- pour over top of the flour mixture. Stir a bit to cool. Then gather up your eggs- beat them, and add them to 1/2c buttermilk. Toss in your baking soda and vanilla. Add to the butter/flour mixture you've already go going. Stir to combine and pour that lusciousness into your sheet pan. Bake for 20minutes.

While your cake baking whip up the icing. Simple. Melt butter and cocoa together in saucepan. Turn off once it's combined, pour into your mixing bowl and let hang for a minute. Gather up your powdered sugar and milk and vanilla. Start the mixer and slowly add the powdered sugar, dump in the milk and vanilla, continue to to mix until combined. This is tasty business.

Once your cake is done, pull it out of the oven, give your icing another stir and pour on top. Spread around if you must. If you have any sorts of willpower- wait until not scalding to eat it. It's delicious.

Then go over to the Pioneer Woman's website and profess your love for her as well.

Don't judge this recipe by this photo- I'm in need of a way better camera and some schooling on how to photo food better. I'm working on it.


Jess--Sugar High said...

Ree is a dream come true! Who doesn't love her?

I think your photo looks great. I don't even like chocolate cake, but yours is definitely tempting!

Rebecca said...

Thanks Jess- I can't get enough of Ree- she's so awesome!!

Eliana said...

I have heard nothing but wonderful things about this cake. Thanks for reminding me that I need it in my life sooner rather than later.

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