Monday, May 10, 2010

Emily's 16th Birthday Cake

Emily's 16th Birthday Cake. I love Em, she's got spunk. And she watches my kids when I need a break- and let's me pay her in clothes and fancy shampoo. And she let's me make her cakes. This makes me happy. We even went to a cake class together once...I don't think it really kept her interest, or it could be that she's 16 and has way better things to do with her time! So, we went with a little bit of a fantasy flower on a simple white cake...I actually made a little red fondant squirly "16" to put on top of the cake, but didn't get a photo of that...anyway she loved it. Made me happy. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET 16 EMILY! We love you!!

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vrapp said...

You are such a good niece! Thanks for making Emily's 16th the best!

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