Sunday, April 11, 2010

Coconut Cupcakes (from Easter)

Coconut Cupcakes for Easter....

I made (2) types of cupcakes for Easter. A coconut and a lemon- I only get coconut a few times a year and I make sure I get it for Easter. Now that I typed that out I'm not sure why I limit my coconut. I love the stuff. What's up with not having what you love?!

Anyway, I used a new recipe. Ina Garten Coconut Cupcakes. This is one of her first recipes I've ever tried (as I find it's hard to watch her on Food Network). And I'm bummed at the results. They weren't BAD, they just tasted like white cake with coconut shreds. No real coconut flavor. I used my own buttercream icing- flavored with coconut extract. That tasted good!! I dyed the coconut with neon liquid food coloring- I thought they went well with the wrappers. From now on however, I'll go back to my favorite coconut cake recipe Put the Lime in the Coconut Cake.

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whislinkong said...

These cupcakes and the lemon....OMG!!! Made me drool just looking at them!!! Hope you post more of your indecisive creativity...including some of your other home made the words of RR


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