Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I'm having a hard time.

So I'm sitting here, blowing through my list of recipes I haven't made yet. And I'm overwhelmed! I'm slightly leaning towards something banana. Just because I have some bananas in the cabinet that are starting to turn. But then that brings me to: banana muffins, banana bread, banana cupcakes. Or- I can flip to something that has nothing to do with bananas- those can be frozen. So then that leads me to the new bag of milk chocolate/peanut butter chips I got the other day. Or the toffee bits that are sitting up in the cabinet.

So, if anyone has heard of anything that sounds amazing. Drop me by a line! I'm stuck.

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Eliana said...

When that happens to me I just don't think about it for a while and then something just hits me to take me out of my slump. So hang in there babe.

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