Sunday, November 14, 2010

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

So, I randomly enter contests. Cause, ya never know what you might win right!? I've occasionally won some really cool stuff,(shake and bake with a gift card!) and some stuff that makes you go 'huh'. But it's all equally exciting!

However- my cool win of the month (a $50 CSN gift card) from Beyond Kimchee! You must check her out. Her photos are awesome, and a delight to read.

I just put 'delight'. I might as well put 'super dooper'.

I've never shopped @ CSN, but I've heard good things! I'm pretty excited for it!

On a cooking note: I've got some brownies cooling and my MOST AWESOME husband is working on my DIY Lowel lights. I'm hoping for some cool shots soon!

Thanks again Holly! :)

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Eliana said...

I love winning these sort of contests but hardly ever do. Can't wait to hear about what you bought.

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