Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Twilight. Yes, I know.

So, I must confess, I've fallen victim to the whole Vampire/Werewolf/Super-Natural phenomena. Don't worry- I'm not out getting tattoos or attaching fangs nor did I stop shaving my legs. But I like it. I have something about love that shouldn't work, but does, and that whole allure of the forbidden. I have no excuses for it.

I'm a Twilight series reader. I LOVE True Blood and have read those books. I've seen the Twilight movies (so far) and haven't missed an episode of True Blood. So in light of today being the opening day for Eclipse (no I haven't seen it yet- don't ruin it for me), I'm going to share with you a party my awesome party planning Aunts and I put together. We had one for New Moon too...what can I say- we'll take any excuse for a party!!

The Setup.

The Details:

The Dessert:
Vampire Cupcakes, Eclipse Brownies, Wolf Cupcakes

The Place Setting:

The Wolves:

The Vampires:

We ate spaghetti and garlic bread and gorged on desserts. We then settled down to watch New Moon for a refresher.

To all those who saw the movie today (MOM!) hope it was good...I'll be dragging my husband this weekend.


vrapp said...

Don't forget that your awesome cousin helped plan the party too....... Thanks for putting up the have to be here for the pirate party!

Eliana said...

Looks fun! Where was my invite? ;)

Rebecca said...

Val- could never forget Emily. She rocked it.

Anonymous said...

gah, i wanted to have a party this year but i don't think i could have survived prepping and hosting the party, seeing the movie AND only getting 2.5 hours of sleep. looks like fun though!!

FireintheBreeze said...

haha oh my gosh, this looks like SO much fun!!

Anonymous said...

haha..looks like we made the same cupcakes! Same theme different show/movie.

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