Sunday, June 27, 2010

SMS: Ginger Snaps - sort of.

So I'm baking in a borrowed kitchen. It's foreign and I don't have my usual supplies. So we made do.

These actually contain honey vs molasses and crystallized ginger vs ground ginger and no white pepper. So they're kinda off the mark. That being said, they were good!

Please stop by and visit our host this week: Gloria, The Ginger Snap Girl. Boy she picked a good recipe to host this week!


rebecca said...

I'm glad you were able to bake along even though you were in foreign territory! The recipe is delicious, and I'm sure your substitutions still made for a tasty cookie.

Eliana said...

Not traditional but it sure does sound tasty

Katiecakes said...

Ahhh, mine have black treacle instead of molasses and a tonne of stem ginger. We're in the same boat :D

Katie xox

Candy Girl said...

Your cookies are all so uniform in shape and size - impressive! I used crystallized ginger too and while I thought these were very good, I would have liked more ginger flavor.

Tracey said...

It's always tricky to bake in a borrowed kitchen, but sounds like you made do and produced some fabulous cookies! Love your photo :) The thickness of your cookies is perfect - just what I'd hoped for but couldn't seem to achieve!

Julie said...

Beautiful! I love the picture!

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