Thursday, February 10, 2011

Butter and Cold Weather

I need butter to make red velvet doughnuts. And -gasp!- I'm out. Now the decision comes to get the kids dressed and make a trip or make something else for husband to take to work tomorrow. That being said- most everything sweet I make requires butter. I can't do cupcakes, the icing requires butter. I could do a banana bread, but I just sent banana bars to work with him today. I can't do my brownies, those alone require a cup of butter. And the kicker is I was just at Costco yesterday, looked RIGHT at the butter, and bought chicken nuggets for the kids instead. (they were a good deal!)

So, now that I've established that my brain is fried. I need to figure out if I'm going to get the kids dressed and go to the grocery store for butter. As of right now, we're all in PJs. We're one of those families that decided long ago, if we're in PJs all day, it's okay. Normally I wouldn't have a problem getting them both dressed and fighting to get into the van and maybe stopping for the fountain (yes, has to be from a fountain!) diet coke I woke up craving this morning. OR, if I wait until my husband comes home and run to the grocery store to get a measly pound of butter.

The only down side to waiting until my husband comes home is the photo. I will no longer have any natural light and I'll have to use my homemade lowel lights. Which is ok, except my crappy point and shoot camera is well, crappy. You see, I have this vision of what I want my photo to look like, the camera however with it's only auto setting will usually not cooperate. Or, I just can't set things up the way I like, and the lights are homemade, so they're not 100% awesome. And I'm a super amateur. Repeat super amateur.

I'd like to make these doughnuts, cause well, they look fantastic, and it would be good for my husband to take to work tomorrow. And I wanna eat one or three. AND it would be a good platform to ask for some opinions on a pan that I'd like to order. Ya know, draw you in with a tried out new recipe, hopefully a delicious looking photo, and my usual indecisiveness. I might have ruined all that with this 5 page post on butter and it being cold outside. Which I just realized I haven't touched on. It's cold. Apparently when I mustered up some oomph to wrestle with the kids yesterday, we went out and found out we were in a wind chill advisory of like -15. What?! This crap is cold, and the wind in Ohio, I have no clue where it comes from, but it'll take your breath away.

I think I'll risk it, wait until my husband gets home and make him turn around and get me some butter. I won't have to go out, my kids will stay warm in their pjs and I'll have butter. And maybe that fountain diet coke.

I appreciate you listening to this crazy long, long internal discussion that I decided to blog about. Keep an eye out for those doughnuts.

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Les rêves d'une boulangère (Brittany) said...

Red velvet doughnuts? How is that possible! Can't wait

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