Thursday, August 5, 2010

Not food related...entirely

So, while I haven't had a lick of time to bake, I have made time to shop for baking supplies. I can't tell everyone how excited I am to get my new kitchen set up and start a baking again!

We're almost ready for the big move- we leave Saturday! We enrolled our oldest son in Soccer and I can't remember the last time he stayed fixated on something for so long! Of course he's 3 1/2 so it never lasts long- but at 3 1/2 it'll be fun to watch the group of kids chase the ball!

A few more weeks and my husband will be home for good! And I'll be right back to baking and cooking up a storm. I know this is a baking blog- but I might break the rules and post a few cooking recipes as well...I can't help myself. What if I'm only indecisive on what to bake, but I have dinner planned out to a 't'?

I hope all is well out there- I'm almost done shopping for the give away! I have some cute stuff that I'm debating on!


Les rêves d'une boulangère (Brittany) said...

How exciting...I'd love to get a new kitchen!!!!!

One Pair Two Pear said...

haha good luck with the soccer matches! and the moving, of course - krsta

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